The Dual Screen laptop

Dual screen

Here comes the dual screen laptop in 2020 which gives you the double screen for your laptop.

Mobile Pixels Duex

Different showcases, the sacred goal of efficiency for your run of the mill office laborer.

Just as the apex of execution for some gamers and something that was up to this point for the most part incomprehensible in a compact structure factor.

That is something that has at long last changed in the previous not many years with the multiplication of low force boards for workstations and tablets.

Dual Screen Laptop

A significant number of these are being adjusted for different convenient uses and to that end we have one of the all the more convincing models in for you today the Mobile Pixels Duex Pro.

The Duex Pro comes all around bundled in an extremely alluring box planned both to grab the attention and secure the board in delivery.

The bundling incorporates some constrained directions helpfully imprinted within the top, a lot of metal plates the board itself lastly a couple of USB links that should cover the greater part of uses that this board will see.

Double Screen Laptop

 We likewise get a little guidance book in an assortment of dialects that remembers some progressively nitty gritty data for the arrangement for the individuals who require it.


Establishment was genuinely direct the display link drivers introduced no issue. On the equipment side of things I found the decision of single metal circles somewhat missing and chose to introduce a couple with the goal that I would have an oval formed contact territory.

This permits me to slide the presentation totally in accordance with the screen when not used to forestall overhang. Past that with the drivers set up the screen is attachment and-play and carries on as some other outer screen would when associated with a PC.

Mobile Pixels Duex

Windows gives you the choice to screen duplication or independent boards.

Duplication is a valuable element for exhibits, for example, public exhibitions.

The independent board will probably be increasingly well known for innovative experts.

Regular usage

As somebody who routinely utilizes various screens normally (I have two flat and one vertical around my work area busy working) I found the expansion of a second screen to my PC to made certain undertakings simpler.

Mobile Pixels Duex

. I had no issues with review points paying little mind to direction on account of their utilization of an IPS board. The ips board was really ready to beat standard 1366 x 768 showcase remembered for my 2015 mistake ThinkPad t440.

The main genuine negative I will note on this screens execution is the expanded load in certain situations.

These edges weren’t positions you’d regularly use luckily.

In any case if your PC has especially frail pivots the extra weight of this presentation will amplify that issue.

Mobile Pixels Duex


So who is the Duex Pro truly for?

This board is for anybody that just needs an extra presentation on their PC to build their profitability while keeping up most extreme convey ability.

That’s all about the Dual Screen Laptop.

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