Customized Car Ever Seen

Customized Car Ever seen

Technobloga presents the Best Customized Car Ever Seen in history.

This car took around 6 months to get ready and on set.

This manufacture began with the longing to slash a VW bug, exclusively because of the test, and the way that they are one of the most troublesome vehicles to hack.

At first, this was scheduled as a brisk and modest financial plan manufacture, however as you can plainly observe, it heightened rapidly.

A half year of work later and here it is a 5.7-Hemi-fueled, full-free suspension, enormous brake, hand-manufactured beast of a bug.

Out of the considerable number of vehicles I’ve constructed, this one positions as the most enjoyable to drive.

It’s super-quick, handles madly well, and stops in a very small space.

The reason of this fabricate was a vehicle that could be driven hard and have a ton of fun in, all with the unwavering quality of an advanced fuel-infused drivetrain.

I am 6’1″ tall and have a 12″ shoe, and other than the trouble moving in and out, it’s very agreeable once you’re in.

The 5.7 hemi is putting out near 370hp to the back tires and the vehicle tips the scales at 2450lbs wet

Nearly everything on this vehicle is hand-assembled, including the whole casing, the enormous lower control arms flaunting 1.25″ uniball’s and uppers with 5/8 heim’s.

I was unable to choose what kind of wheel bearing/controlling knuckle gathering I needed to utilize, so I constructed my own.

Back Look

The back uses Dodge Charger center point gatherings with a 14″ rotors, and once more, aluminum double cylinder calipers.

The front uses a Z06 corvette center get together with immense 14-1/4″ tall rotors and double cylinder aluminum calipers.

The inside is for the most part 20-check steel, and I may have gone a little over board with the dab rolling.

The aluminum entryway boards were additionally dependent upon some custom dab work.

The IQ3S advanced Street Dash is running exclusively off the PCM’s CAN transport wires and is absolutely adjustable to your inclinations by attaching it to your PC.

I’ve recorded the significant specs beneath, yet here’s parts to show and parcels to discuss for intrigued bidders, so please get in touch with me with any inquiries, either through eBay, my email or telephone.

I additionally have proficient form and completed item photographs of this vehicle in high goals on my site, just as photographs of some the past vehicles I’ve constructed.


  • 1976 VW Bug, 6” chop, 7” section and 4” channel. 
  • 5.7 Chrysler Hemi backed with a NAG1 5-speed automatic transmission. 
  • Locked Getrag independent rear differential. 
  • Qa1 adjustable coil overs at all four corners.
  • 14” rotors and aluminum dual piston calipers on all corners.
  • 295/35/18 Mickey Thompson Pro Comp tires on Bravado Performance 18X10 wheels all around.
  • LED lighting in the front, rear and inside the interior.
  • Racepak IQ3S CAN bus digital Street Dash.
  • Custom full-tube chassis and suspension control arms.
  • Professional custom-bent stainless-steel exhaust with Magnaflow mufflers.
  • Custom-built aluminum fuel cell.

That’s all about the Hemi Bug with Best Customized Car Ever Seen.

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