Top 4 best Gadgets in 2020

Best Gadgets in 2020

Check out the Best Gadgets in 2020


Most Advanced Pocket Projector in the World

Nova X

NOVA X is the smallest 3000 lumens projector in the world and it can fit inside a pocket, a little tote or a satchel easily.

Applications and more with drag-and-snap effortlessness. All in 300-inch widescreen and Voice Control!

Nova X is a cool little projector yet with awesome picture quality and features that are worth making it a wonderful product. You can enjoy big screen with good quality screen image.


Interactive gaming system with hybrid cube consoles.


Joyscube is a gaming framework that structures exceptional connection and presents to you the physical and social intelligence that you have never experienced with other electronic gaming stage.

Each arrangement of Joyscube accompanies 3 3D shape formed consoles.

The intelligent touchscreen solid shapes conveyed remotely and have sensors on every one of their four sides.

Joyscube is designed to be interactive and portable itself, so that you can share the fun with your family and friends anytime at anywhere.

The cubes are equipped with somatosensory technology and touch screen.

The cubes will form unique interactions when moved, tilted, rotated, shaken, or placed together.


Joyscube create new physical and social interactions and provides users with novel and entertaining gaming experience unlike anything you’ve seen in the past.


Exquisite Lithium Battery Home Screwdriver.

The another best gadget in 2020

Wowstick SD

This dazzling minimized electric screwdriver is anything but difficult to work and very down to earth – perfect for home use.

The screwdriver has an agreeable, ergonomic handle; the battery-powered lithium battery configuration expands comfort; with its very own LED lighting, you can utilize the screwdriver anyplace.

This device is ideal for the individuals who appreciate DIY, or do a great deal of dismantling.

The top obliges up to 12 substitution screwdriver bits, so you can store your chose bits inside it.

Along these lines, the whole screwdriver and substitution heads can be flawlessly joined.

This sharp plan structure implies that the screwdriver never again requires a muddled tool stash to hold every one of its parts, yet can be put on a table top, conveniently in a cabinet or effectively hauled around.

This screwdriver uses an all-metal gearbox that’s both compact and powerful.

The torsion is up to 0.9N.M for electric and 3N.M for manual use.

WOWstcik SD

The handle is only 31mm in diameter, which means the screwdriver is suitable for most people to hold comfortably.

It can be used for a wide variety of household tasks, such as disassembly and assembly of small furniture, tables and chairs, door handles, various types of lamp, switches, etc.

The screwdriver is fueled by a lithium battery and can be energized by means of Type-C. Charging takes just 2 hours.

The unit shows a red light during charging status and a green light when completely energized.

With its huge limit 1300mAh battery, the screwdriver is both cordless and compact.

Skatebolt Breeze II

Made to be great

Skatebolt Breeze II

SkateBolt is an electric skateboard company established in 2016.

Since the very beginning, our main goal has been to offer electric skateboards that are safe, convenient, and affordable.

On this new generation, we make an effort to put together a board that solves most common problems we ever encountered.

We choose the best parts we could find within the affordable price range. Our dedication is to provide a great experience for your E boarding life.

High Quality Samsung Battery
Skatebolt Breeze II

Battery is one of the most importance parts of an electric skateboard. We select high quality Samsung battery which has 1000 cycles battery life.

This means you can use up the battery 1000 times but still has most capacity of your battery.

In addition, the Samsung battery can bear extreme weather. Breeze II can still function from -4°F to 140°F.

For battery case and ESC case, we pick aluminum compound to give well crashworthiness and warmth scattering.

The swappable capacity makes it simple to change the battery after the battery life closes.

This was the best gadgets in 2020, Stay Tuned for more updates on Tech and best gadgets in 2020 with Technobloga

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