Technology in 2020 (Updated)

Technology in 2020

Technology in 2020 updated with best cool device upcoming in 2020.

Here are the top technology in 2020 you must know.

Revolver Lens

It is camera kit is a new kit that allows you to have six different camera styles on your Smartphone without the need of lugging around several   large scales to capture different shorts.

Revolver Lens

This product contains several lenses that can be used for wide-angle, telephoto, macro, fisheye and more.

Simply utilize the quick flip technology to swap lenses and you’re on your way.

With this device there’s no need to upgrade you Smartphone simply to have a better camera.

The camera that is already built into your device is now much more capable of capturing photos that you could have ever imagined.

Any photographer that is looking for great image quality in a budget.

The revolver lens is a must-have, smartphone prices are ever increasing and we all crave to have the best image quality that is available in the market.

Helmet Fan

It is device makes may seem a bit humorous on the surface but it serves a unique purpose that can help alleviate the summer time sweat.

Helmet Fan

Many of us find ourselves working outdoors during the harsh summer months whether we like it or not.

However this new device can help keep heat under control, this is a wearable device that is eqauiped with a fan that can blow cool air right at the back of your neck.

A funnel can also direct the air down your back to keep your torso cool as well this gentle breeze helps keep you dry cool and increase your outdoor endurance during the hottest month of the year.

Meeting Owl

It is an all new -device that is designed to help team be more productive the product features a 360 degree video camera that can automatically highlights and focus on individuals when they are speaking.

Meeting Owl

This allows for a more in-depth conference experince even when you’re not physically in the meeting you can see and hear everyone surrounding the meeting owl clearly as it’s equipped with eight individual microphones, for full room sound there are no complicated steups or programs that must be learned.

The device is completely setup from the factory, meaning that all you need to do is plug into USB outlet on your computer and you’re ready to go.


This device that was launched a few years ago but has been making headlines once again recently.

Ridy technology in  2020

Reports indicate that drowsy drivers claimed lives of thousands of individuals every year, distracted drivers are also count for an unimaginably large number of deaths.

Common distractions include texting, eating, daydreaming or countless other activities that should not be taking place while behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Ridy has set out to solve the problem, this product is smart driving alert as it can monitor when you are driving while sleeping or driving while distracted.

It’s built-in facial recognition technology can detect certain facial movement that indicate tiredness.

It also notice when your eye are not on the road in front of you an alert will then bring your attention back to the task at hand potentially saving you from a fatal collision.

That’s all for this time with new technology on 2020.

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