New gadget update 2020

New tech 2020

2020 bringing you the best gadgets to use in your day time and saving your time as well.

New generation, new technology update in every second of time.

Being updated is the best thing you can do!

Here are some boom gadgets of 2020 you should know!

Cast Away case

The Anywhere Tablet for Multitasking

Castaway case

A subsequent screen used to be an extravagance, and now it’s a need. Shuffling among applications and screens is the manner by which things go today.

Adding a second screen to a PC is simple, however shouldn’t something be said about a second one for your cell phone?

Dislike you leave the requirement for performing multiple tasks behind when you are away from your work area, out on the planet getting things done.

Castaway case

Quick fact

Castaway case interfaces with any iOS or Android smartphone and keeps on working in any event, when disconnected from your cell phone.

Highlights a double boot choice that lets you rapidly transform it into a bigger console, track-pad, or game controller for your Smartphone.

Expandable storage using SD slots in case.

Build in batter does double duty and will also help you to boost you smartphone.


It looks simple but it is actually advanced medical grade technology for your brain that can greatly improve many aspects of your life.


Let us explain:

When you go to rest, the frequency of our brainwaves slows down. And when our brain is active it, it speeds up. But because of our hectic lifestyle our internal frequency isn’t always in sync with our needs.

There is where NeoRhythm comes in, a wearable health device that uses electromagnetic waves to safely stimulate a state of mind your brain is already trying to achieve increase your mental capacity while facing difficult challenges.

Activate the body’s natural sleep process. De-stress more efficiently by calming down your brain quicker

After setting up one of seven programs on a Bluetooth connected phone, the connection turns off and the deice is completely gesture controlled.

No wires or buttons, just simply tap it twice to start or end the last used program. Then position NeoRhythm depending on what you want to focus on.

IMILAB EC2_ Cordless AI Security Camera

Home security is on every homeowner but installing traditional CCTV equipment now that’s a pain in the neck! Plus on top of all the bills you have, home security shouldn’t cost this much.

Introducing a new LAB EC 2, a 1080p wireless security camera with the best performance and price for an AI system. I’m allowed EC2 has long battery life that lasts up for 120 days on a single rechargeable, no cables required compared to other security Camera’s

IMILAB EC2 brings of details and clarity in Full HD as the camera stays dormant the passive infrared sensor detects light ones which activates one second and immediately stream on the cloud.


IMILAB supports up to four camera in a single game, with this you can monitor your home from virtually anywhere.

This camera helps you to stay secured, and can take care of your loved once.

It is a Xiaomi ecological chain enterprise which uses the most advanced production quality making it also IP66 waterproof. It gives you free long live cloud storage with encrypted SD card for backup storage all with no monthly charge.

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