Hyper sport super bike – Damon

Damon hyper sports

Hyper sports super bike Damon

With high technology and performance, the damon hypersport incorporates the working ability of blackberry to help its security.

Also, the development enables the bike to be both more brilliant and more secure for all of your adventures.

Move quick, however, as just 25 releases will be made.


For safety, the damon hypersport utilizes blackberry’s QNX working framework as the premise of its copilot.

It improves radars, cameras and different sensors to follow both the speed and course of items around the bicycle. this 360 degree preemptive guidance framework is said to convey unrivaled circumstance mindfulness.

Damon hyper sports

In the wake of following, the innovation at that point cautions the rider of peril through haptic criticism on the handlebars, incorporated LEDs on the windshield, and on a 1080p rearview camera.


The Design technology proceeds with further however.

Damon hyper sports

Its everything electric power train offers more than 200 miles of outflow unfenced and conveys 200 hp, which impels the super bike from 0 to 60 mph in less than 3 seconds.

Riders can tweak the security control bundle. this guarantees you can tailor the bicycle’s capacity to suit your certainty on an everyday premise.


The smartness of the damon hypersport additionally changes the physical state of the bicycle.

Damon Super bike

Through a basic press of a catch, your riding position can be changed to suit any kind of adventure, from start-stop city traffic to that of fast expressways.

two modes – game and worker – are pre-set alternatives with electronically controlled 4-point customization.

Every one of these developments guarantee the super bike improves all of your rides.

Damon’s all-electric powertrain delivers an eye-watering 200 Horsepower and 0 – 60 mph in under 3 seconds.

Fine tune your stability control package to ensure you get every ounce of power with complete confidence.

0-60 MPH<3 second
Range200+ Miles (Hwy + City)
Charge time<3 hrs @ 2 level
4G Connectivity + DataIncluded
Camera2x 1080P
Motor160kW peak
Battery21.5 KWh
Warrenty2 years

Damon service centers Partnered electric motorcycle dealers Mobile service at front door via van.

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